MTBL owns the exclusive global distributor rights (excluding Mainland China) to market and sell Moutai Bulao 125ml liquor product up to 39 countries/cities, one of the most valuable spirits brand worldwide.

MTBL is also granted the exclusive right to set up MTBL cultural centre overseas to promote and educate the culture of Chinese cuisine pairing with Chinese Baijiu

Unlike traditional beverage supply and distribution channels, MTBL has innovated its distribution channels by leveraging on IT concepts, digital network infrastructure, large-scale data collection and analysis, and a network of smart vending machines.

As the spiritual mantra of MTBL goes, ‘enjoy life, enjoy Moutai Bulao


Ascent Bridge Limited

Founded in 1983 and subsequently listed on SGX Main Board on 11 February 2004, the Group (formerly known as AEI Corporation Limited) was engaged in aluminium manufacturing and transformed lately to production, sale and distribution of food and beverages.


The Group has completed the acquisition of MTBL to market and sell Moutai Bulao 125ml liquor products globally.


Great food is not complete without fine alcohol. We visualise a world where Moutai Bulao will be the connecting medium for individuals and communities to forge long-lasting friendships across differences and nationalities.


Wine and dine is a common approach for bonding, be it a business networking session or casual get-together. With good quality alcohol, there comes a fine dining experience, great conversation and strong relationships.


From past to present China, pairing alcohol with Chinese cuisines is an integral part of the everyday conversations among the Chinese. It is a highly-regarded tradition and a form of respect for the guests and the prepared delicacies.